How to stop the global warming fraud

New data released by the International Energy Agency on Wednesday showed that the U.S. has not taken meaningful steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The data showed that in 2017, the U!


emitted nearly 5 percent of the world’s CO2.

The U.K. had the lowest emissions of any of the G7 countries at 2.6 percent.

The rest of the countries in the top 10 were China, India, Russia, the European Union and the U of A.

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released a new report on global warming and climate change.

It showed that humans are driving warming and that the planet is on track to warm at least 1.6 degrees Celsius, a goal that has been hotly contested by the Trump administration.

But the new data released Wednesday by the IEA show that the Trump Administration has not significantly reduced its emissions.

It only took a 1 percent reduction in greenhouse gas production and emission, and that was on a trajectory that will require continued action.

Instead, the IGA data showed the United States has been a net emitter of greenhouse gases, with emissions up nearly 3 percent since 2000.

That is still well above the 1.5 percent target the Trump Climate Action Plan has sought to achieve, but it is below the 2 percent global average.

Trump has vowed to cut carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2025, which would require the United Kingdom to cut its emissions by about 10 percent.

But the ITA data show that this plan does not have the momentum that the United Nations and other groups say it does.

Trump wants to impose an emissions cap on the U., but this plan only includes a voluntary voluntary goal.

It would not affect U.s. emissions through 2020.

The data showed U.y. emissions were down 2 percent, but the United Way reported that the decline in emissions was largely due to a voluntary cap.

The United Kingdom was the only country that reported lower emissions.

While the United State has been among the most active emitters of greenhouse gas pollution, other nations have been cutting their emissions.

The European Union cut its greenhouse gas output by more than 25 percent since 2016.

The EU has pledged to keep cutting its emissions until 2030.

Germany has reduced its CO2 emissions by 16 percent, while the United Arab Emirates cut their emissions by 17 percent.

The IEA report, which came out just a few days before the U .

S. presidential election, also showed that there are still significant barriers to getting U. S. emissions under control.

It said that nearly half of the emissions that are being created by the U and China are due to carbon dioxide emissions.

China is the largest greenhouse gas emitter and the world leader in emissions, but China has been building a pipeline that is sucking up huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases.

That has allowed the U to continue burning more fossil fuels, while allowing other countries to burn less.

China also has been creating new coal plants that are not being used to reduce CO2 pollution, the report said.

In contrast, countries in Europe, Canada and the United Gulf States have invested heavily in renewable energy, but those investments have not been translating into reductions in CO2 levels.