Why the EPA Hasn’t Released its Final Report on EPA’s Climate Action Plan

3M is one of a growing number of firms in the global energy and climate industries that have sued the Obama administration to block the agency from releasing its final report on the Clean Power Plan.

In February, the company filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven states, saying the administration had failed to comply with the Clean Air Act’s requirement that the EPA publish its final rule by April 15.

The lawsuit was dismissed on Tuesday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

The court ruled in favor of the states, however, saying that the Trump administration has failed to fulfill its obligation under the Clean Water Act to publish the final rule “within the statutory deadlines.”3M said in a statement that the court’s decision “paves the way for a federal court to finally issue a final rule.”

The company said it was “delighted” to see the ruling and said it would continue to challenge the Obama EPA’s decision to delay implementation of the plan.3M also said it will file a request for a stay to the government’s withdrawal of funding to its environmental projects, arguing that “we are a large company that has a very long history of protecting our environment and we have a right to have this information and to know the details of the final plan,” according to a release from the company.3m filed the lawsuit in January on behalf to seven states in the Northeast and Midwest states, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southern Plains states, according to the court filing.

The suit said that EPA did not provide the states with any notice or guidance on the final rules, which would have required them to delay the implementation of any of their plans.3 m filed the suit on behalf on behalf a number of other states, including California, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Georgia, according

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