Iowa voters: Don’t blame GOP for water shortages

Iowa voters aren’t blaming the GOP for the water shortage that has hit the state in recent weeks.

The Des Moines Register reported Thursday that pollsters had consistently polled that the drought would continue into November.

A new poll shows voters in Iowa, the last of the four Republican-controlled states, have said that blaming the Republican Party for the drought won’t work.

The poll, conducted by the Des Moines-based Public Policy Polling, had an 11-point margin of error for the Democrat-controlled Iowa.

“We’re not blaming the party, but we are calling on them to step up and fix the problem and make it a priority,” said Stephanie Dornan, a Des Moines resident and president of the Deseret News.

Polls from other Iowa polling firms also showed that voters in the state have not blamed Republicans for the problem.

The Iowa Polling Center, which conducts the poll, has conducted its own poll that has shown the drought has continued to worsen since April.

The drought has forced the closure of some schools, and some businesses have shut down, with the Desien, the Desoto and the Iowa City schools closing earlier this week.

Dornans comments come as the Desiree County Department of Natural Resources has reported a record high water use for the month of April.

That means the department has been exceeding its allotment of water from the Iowa Drought Management Plan, which requires the department to use 20 percent less water than normal for each day of the month.

Officials said the state has used more than 70 percent of its allotments of water since January.

That’s more than double the amount used by Des Moines schools in January.

The department said it would be “unusual” for the agency to use that much water in a month.

In the meantime, the department said that it will not release any water from reservoirs.

In an email, Dornaans campaign manager, Rebecca Koehler, said, “I believe that the people of Des Moines deserve to have water they can rely on to get through the winter and enjoy the summer.

We want to make sure that Iowa has enough water available for everyone, including our citizens.”

Dornas campaign also noted that voters are increasingly worried about the drought and want action to fix it.

“Iowa is seeing its worst drought in 30 years and our community needs the water, we need to act now,” Koehlans campaign said.

“As Des Moines continues to suffer, I’m confident that the Governor and Iowa DNR can put in place solutions that are sustainable, safe and just.”

Iowa Gov.

Terry Branstad said last week that the state will continue to take water from Lake Mead in order to keep the water level at a level that is appropriate for agriculture and wildlife.

“It’s not just the state of Iowa that is struggling, it’s all of Iowa,” Branstad told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.

He said the government will continue its efforts to provide water to the state.

The water shortage has left the Desierto community without drinking water for the past few weeks.

“Right now we are seeing more people that are having to go out and look for water,” said Desiorno, who asked not to be identified.

“I don’t know how many days it’s going to be, but it’s getting worse and worse.”

Dennan told ABC News that she’s worried about people being exposed to toxic chemicals during the drought.

“My concern is the health of the children,” Dennans said.

She said she is worried that there could be more people in the community who could be exposed to toxins if the drought continues.

“The water is already being wasted and we’re getting more of the water that we need,” she said.

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