Cryptocurrency ICO token launches, ICO is trading at $0.0031 ETH (USD)

A token launched on December 17 aims to revolutionize the global economy and help governments combat climate change by enabling them to purchase carbon offsets, and it is trading for $0 and down about 4% in value.

The Crypto-Token, which has been dubbed COIN-X, aims to allow governments to buy carbon credits from companies that are using the technology to offset their emissions, according to a press release from the Global Carbon Trading Coalition.

It’s the latest in a series of COIN tokens launched by the coalition, which also aims to combat climate action by allowing carbon offset buyers to pay the world’s governments for their CO2 emission reductions.

The Carbon Trading Alliance, a coalition of leading environmental groups, announced a series, including COIN, COINX, COINS, COILS, and the Carbon Price Index (CPI) in late December.

The carbon trading market was created in December 2015 by the Carbon Trading Initiative.

Since then, several token launches have followed, including the Carbon Cents, Carbon X, and CarbonX.

But this is the first token offering by the Global Climate Solutions Alliance (GCSA) that focuses on the carbon market, which it says is “the most complex and undervalued” of the carbon markets.

It is the most complex, undervalued and misunderstood market, according GCSA co-founder Adam Schildt.”COIN is the future of carbon trading.

We’ve developed a new market for carbon offsets and it’s going to be the future for the carbon trading,” said Schildst, the executive director of the Carbon Exchange Initiative, which is a leading group representing carbon companies.

Schildst told CBC News that the GCSa ICO will be the first of many that will focus on the market.

“The world has a lot of carbon in the ground, it’s not easy to offset, it can be expensive, it has to be done through a third party,” Schilds said.

“We’re seeing an enormous amount of momentum now for the market and that is really exciting.”

Schilds noted that the Carbon Tax, an emissions trading scheme developed by the U.S. Treasury Department, is one of the largest carbon trading schemes in the world.

The GCSB says it will also be releasing its first token, the COIN Exchange Token, which will be traded on the Crypto-Market.

Schild added that the COINS token, which includes the COILS index, is the only token that is backed by the COBGR.

The COINS index is a market-based valuation of the cost of carbon offsets that includes CO2 offset suppliers, carbon offsets producers and offsets suppliers, Schild said.

Schold said the Carbon Trade Alliance is currently exploring a COINSX token that will be launched in the second quarter of 2018, with an expected launch date of mid-2019.

“This is a global initiative.

We’re not trying to focus on Canada, we’re trying to create a global market,” Scholds said, adding that the alliance aims to be a global carbon trading community.

The Carbon Exchange Alliance says it intends to launch COINS and COINS X tokens to allow individuals and companies to access carbon credits, which can then be used to offset carbon emissions.

Schold said there is no immediate plans for a COIN X token, but added that there are a lot more COINs in the market right now than COINS.

“It’s a really exciting time for carbon, especially in the global carbon market,” said GCSAs co-president, Dan Davenport.

“It’s not just about COIN.

It’s also about COINS.”

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