A look at the environmental protection legislation passed in Hawaii

A look back at the state’s environmental protection laws passed over the last two years.

Hawaii has passed several significant environmental protection bills in recent years.

Among the most notable are a bill to require the state to develop a plan to prevent sea level rise, a bill requiring more transparent data about greenhouse gas emissions, and a law that would allow the state Department of Natural Resources to use state land for the construction of oil and gas drilling sites.

However, as we previously reported, some of those bills also passed with strong support from the environmental movement.

Hawaii’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Hawaii Natural Resources Council (NHRC) are among the most vocal environmental groups in the state, with both organizations pushing for more regulation.

On June 17, the governor signed the bill requiring the state Environmental Protection Commission to establish a plan for reducing greenhouse gas pollution, an effort that has been endorsed by the Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club.

The governor’s signature is also significant for environmental groups, as it is the first time that the state has enacted a climate change law since the state passed its first climate change legislation in 2008.

In addition to requiring more transparency in the EPA’s greenhouse gas data, the new bill also requires the state department of natural resources to create a plan that will help ensure that oil and natural gas drilling on public land is not “an irreversible and disruptive process” that would harm the state or “a significant part of the state.”

Additionally, the bill also directs the state agency responsible for protecting Hawaii’s oceans to develop an action plan to reduce pollution from oil and chemical spills.

The bill also mandates that the EPA implement a comprehensive set of rules to reduce greenhouse gas pollutants that threaten public health.

As a result of the governor’s signing of the bill on June 17 and the bill’s passage on June 22, the state became the fifth state in the country to pass laws requiring environmental protection to be part of its climate change policy.

Hawaii has the third-highest greenhouse gas concentration in the nation and ranks just ahead of California in terms of greenhouse gas emission levels.

Hawaiians have long known that they are living in a carbon-intensive economy.

This has made it a hot topic in the campaign for the 2020 election, as many Hawaii residents are worried that the economy is not doing enough to combat climate change.

But in an effort to fight climate change, the Hawaii Environmental Protection Law was a key piece of legislation to help combat the threat of climate change and climate change denial.

In 2014, the New York Times reported that Hawaii was among the states most vulnerable to the effects of climate changing, citing a study by the University of Hawaii’s Earth Institute.

The study, which was conducted by the university and the Center for Science and Democracy, found that the Hawaii economy is already suffering from the effects and the effects are getting worse.

The study found that by 2050, climate change will likely make Hawaii the second most vulnerable state in terms to the impact of climate on economic growth, with an estimated $5.7 billion in economic losses due to the climate change effects.

HawHawaii’s climate protection bill has been an important factor in its success, as the state is one of the few states to have passed laws to prevent the state from being forced to develop plans for climate mitigation.

In fact, Hawaii has already begun building the first phase of a plan called “State Climate Change Management Plan,” which is expected to be finalized in the fall of 2019.

As the bill is now being implemented, there are also a number of other bills that will be considered in the upcoming session.

A bill that would create a public hearing process for proposed climate change regulations passed the state legislature on March 22, 2017.

That bill is also expected to pass the state senate in the coming months.

Another important piece of environmental legislation that passed the Hawaii legislature in the 2016 legislative session was an initiative to create “The Hawaii Climate Stewardship Program.”

The program was created to ensure that the “state continues to lead the way on climate protection and stewardship,” according to the Hawaii House of Representatives.

A bill that has also been in the works since the 2016 legislature was passed is a bill that allows the state environmental department to use its state land to construct oil and pipeline drilling sites on public lands.

The legislation also creates a $10 million program to provide technical assistance for the state and its environmental protection agency.

These types of bills have been a big factor in Hawaii’s successful climate change efforts.

Hawaii is also the only state that has passed legislation that includes climate change as part of a larger policy agenda.

While the legislative session in Hawaii is over, there is a chance that a number more bills that would require the EPA to develop its plan for limiting greenhouse gas production and emissions will be introduced in the future.

It is also possible that some of these bills could pass with strong bipartisan support.

The Hawaii House passed the new state budget on June 18, 2017, which includes

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