Why are pilots using an airplane to carry out aerobatic stunts?

A couple of pilots have been taking the air at an aerobatics event for years and now they are making an impression on the world with a flying saucer.

The flying saucers were unveiled at the International Airshow in Melbourne in April, with a couple of hundred of them flying around the airshow grounds.

The planes are called the “Flying Saucer of Australia”, and are powered by an engine and a propeller.

The aircrafts were unveiled to the media as they flew around Melbourne Airport, the first time the saucer was flown by a pilot since it was built.

But what was it used for?

“We have got the biggest aerobatically manoeuvring machine in the world that’s going to fly the world and it’s the world’s largest,” John and Carol Lopland told ABC News Breakfast.

“It’s a flying machine, it’s a super-large flying machine that’s gonna fly the planet.”

John Loplland is the father of John Lopling, who won the 2016 Tony Award for best new media work.

He was one of several pilots to take part in the flying sauciers as part of the Airshow.

“The main thing was to fly around and make it look like you were flying around in the sky,” John said.

“If you look at the images of it, it was like a giant saucer, it looked like a flying boat.”

John said they had tried several different ideas to make the flying machine.

He said it was a bit of a dream come true to be able to fly in the air, but they wanted to make it work.

“We did the same thing we’ve done since we’ve been doing it,” he said.

“We got it to fly about 20 metres in the skies, so we wanted to do it a little bit more than 20 metres.”

That’s the main thing.

We wanted to fly it really high.

“Mr Lopler said they were planning to do the same with the other flying saucy aircraft they had designed, but the company was still working on it.

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