Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has been a disaster

Trump’s EPA has been an absolute disaster, according to a new study that has found the agency is “overly aggressive” in trying to stop pollution, has an overly broad and confusing regulation scheme, and is not doing enough to prevent climate change.

The study by the conservative American Enterprise Institute and the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) found the EPA is pursuing a “pandering” agenda that makes it more difficult for companies to innovate and innovate better, and a lack of accountability to Congress and the public. 

The report found the environmental agency’s policies are “unwittingly promoting a regressive, regressive regulatory agenda that is designed to stifle economic growth and stifle innovation.”

Trump has promised to undo many of the EPA’s most aggressive environmental regulations, such as the Clean Power Plan, a sweeping effort by the Obama administration to combat climate change and cut carbon emissions. 

Trump has also vowed to slash federal spending for clean energy, and he has proposed a tax on carbon emissions that could be as high as 35 percent.

The CEI study found the Trump administration has “failed to establish any credible path to achieving a low-carbon economy and to reduce the amount of carbon pollution emitted by the economy.” 

The CEi report said the EPA has not been able to achieve a “rational, cost-effective, and achievable target for reducing CO2 emissions” and is also “unable to deliver the benefits to the American people that we would hope for from a climate strategy.”

“In a highly competitive global economy, we can and should do better, but the current EPA policies are not going to do that,” said CEI’s John Bergmayer.

“In fact, they are actively hurting American businesses and the American economy as a whole,” Bergmender added. 

“There are clear signs that Trump is taking the climate agenda seriously, but he’s still not acting on it.

The EPA’s regulations are being applied to the very industries that are the worst offenders, and there’s little sign of any meaningful progress on reducing pollution and reducing carbon emissions.”

The CEIs study said the Trump EPA has “repeatedly failed to implement any meaningful and achievable targets for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, which accounts for the largest single source of CO2 pollution in the United States.” 

According to the CEI, “the EPA has failed to achieve even modest reductions in emissions, and its goals are highly ambiguous.” 

“The EPA’s current plan to reduce emissions will lead to further CO2 reductions through 2030, which will result in an increase in temperatures of 0.7 degrees Celsius in the atmosphere by the end of the century,” the CEIs report said.

The report also said the agency’s approach to climate change is “inadequate,” and it has “unfairly targeted” industries that have already lost ground.

The Trump administration is also trying to undermine the Obama-era Clean Power Act, a law that would have protected coal miners and coal plants from climate change impacts. 

CEI said the “EPA is trying to rewrite a major piece of environmental protection legislation with no environmental protection experts in the Senate.”

The report said this “will be detrimental to coal and other coal-fired power plants.”

The EPA has also proposed a carbon tax that would raise revenue to offset its cuts, and Trump has said the tax is “a very good thing” for the economy. 

According, the CEi said the $20 carbon tax is not enough to help pay for the EPA programs that help clean up the air, clean water, and other environmental damage that the Trump Administration has proposed. 

But, the study said, the tax “is unlikely to make a meaningful dent in the budget deficit.”

The study said Trump is also undermining the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Food and Drug Act, which would have provided more funds to help clean our air and our water.

The EPA also has “struck a more confrontational tone” with Congress, and it is “ignoring the advice of its own agency’s top scientific advisers on the science of climate change,” the report said, adding that “it is failing to take seriously its own science advisory board.”

The findings were released on the eve of a major climate conference in Paris, which Trump and his administration have promised to roll back. 

Last month, Trump said he would not attend the event, and White House officials have said he plans to skip it. 

In a statement to the Washington Post, the EPA said it has been working on a plan to meet the Paris agreement goals.

“We continue to review the situation with Congress to find the best way to achieve those goals, including a budget that reflects the cost of those actions,” the agency said. 

However, the report says Trump has not implemented the plan he promised during the campaign, and has instead moved “unilaterally to weaken the climate and air protection regulations already in place.”

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