How to fight the Trump administration’s CO2 rule

TechCrunch, an investment-backed news service founded by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, reported this week that former President Donald Trump and his EPA administrator are pushing to overturn the 2015 CO2 CO2 Emissions Reduction Rule.

The Trump administration is pushing to kill the rule, which was crafted by the Obama administration to reduce emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

The rule would require states to limit emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases by 2035.

In a letter dated February 12, the Trump Administration’s Interagency Council on Clean Air and the Environment said the rule would be “a burden on the states and localities that have made the most significant investments in their communities to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The rule was issued under the Clean Air Act to protect public health and the environment.

It required states to establish “effective, enforceable and cost-effective emissions reduction plans.”

The rule is also required by the Clean Water Act.

According to TechCrunch:The Trump Administration says the rule is an unfair burden on state economies that already have considerable energy independence and other resources to cut their carbon emissions.

The rule would also create “unnecessary regulatory uncertainty” that would “reduce investment and job creation,” the letter states.

In its letter, the EPA also cited a study from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) that said “it is not likely that a rule would have the desired net economic benefit.”

The AICPA said the rules impact more than 5 million people and will “require substantial state-level action.”

The Trump-EPA plan, which is not yet law, will be put to a vote in the Senate on Monday.

The EPA has been under pressure from lawmakers, consumer groups, and the oil and gas industry to repeal the rule.

On Tuesday, the House Natural Resources Committee approved a bill to repeal it.