How to Build an Environmental Protection Office in Ontario

In 2016, Ontario became the first province in Canada to ban fracking.

The province also became the second in the world to ban the extraction of toxic waste from oil and gas wells.

It banned fracking and the sale of gas in June 2018, just two weeks before the provincial election.

Ontario has also announced a moratorium on oil and natural gas extraction and has vowed to regulate fracking.

But in January 2019, the Ontario government announced plans to build a $1 billion greenhouse gas reduction office in Thunder Bay, Ont.

and a $4.8 billion green jobs and economic development centre in the Toronto area.

Environmental advocates say the project is an expensive way to avoid addressing the climate crisis, and that it is just a temporary solution that is not going to make the province more green.

The greenhouse gas office, which will be located in a downtown building, will provide a climate-smart, cost-effective solution to the Ontario climate crisis by promoting the adoption of sustainable practices, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of the Environment.

“It’s a huge project that’s going to have a very long-term effect on our energy system,” said Anne McLaughlin, executive director of the Ontario Green Party.

A new environmental office is not an option for the Liberals and the NDP, both of whom have vowed to reverse their decision to ban coal mining in the province.

But Green Party Leader Olivia Chow has pledged to build an office in Ontario to address climate change.

The government announced the plan to build the office in a news release on March 14.

It was originally expected to cost $1.5 billion.

But in June 2019, it was reduced to $1,842,906.

In 2020, it is expected to be $1 million.

In January, the government also announced plans for a new greenhouse gas-reduction centre, which would be located at an existing gas station in the city.

Green Party Leader Anne McLaughlin says it is too early to know if the new office will result in a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

She says it would be good to see more investment in green energy and better climate solutions.

Ontario has one of the highest greenhouse gas emission rates in the country, and many environmental groups say it will take a long time to reduce emissions and that the province’s carbon price should be a priority.

The plan also involves the construction of a new gas station.

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