How football fans in Italy could be forced to pay for clean water

By Adriano ZampiniThe football association has warned that fans in the Italian city of Bologna could be asked to pay up to €2.2 million for drinking water contaminated with PCBs.

The Bolognese football club is a member of the European Champions League, but is also a major opponent of pollution in Europe’s most polluted regions.

The group, which has the largest stadium in Italy, the San Siro, has been campaigning for decades to clean up the area, which is home to the Bolognese national football team.

The environmental group Greenpeace Italy, which represents many sports groups, said on Tuesday that the water contamination would not be a problem for most people, and warned that people who don’t have access to clean water might not be able to afford to pay.

“The club, the football association and the local government should take immediate action to prevent this kind of contamination from happening,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

“Bologna has become the symbol of corruption in the country, but the people of Bock have a right to know that this is not just happening in the Bock, but in the entire country.”

The association has been asking its members to buy bottled water in order to buy more bottled water, and to switch from bottled to tap water.

The group also said that the club could be fined €1,000 for every drink-offender they ticketed.

According to Greenpeace, Bolognia’s local authorities have not been following the association’s recommendations and have said that they would not consider such a fine.

Greenpeace also warned that it was “unacceptable” for people to have to pay to buy water, saying the public should not be forced.

“People who are paying for their water can’t pay to avoid it.

It’s an injustice,” Greenpeace Italy’s Carlo Giuffrida said.

“We’re demanding the Boca Juniors to stop this.”

The group said it would ask the city council to launch a new investigation into the contamination, and also to impose a fine of up to 1.5 million euros.

Boca Junior, whose stadium is located in Bologni, is one of the most polluted clubs in the league, and has faced the threat of losing its league status in the past.

Last year, it was forced to cancel a game after authorities determined that there were too many drinking water sources in the area.

Boca is currently in the second division of the Europa League, a league that is considered one of Europe’s best.

Bolognesse has been the scene of protests against pollution in the city, where a petition has been circulating calling for the stadium to be shut down, with over 10,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning.

Bock, a city of 7.2m people, is located between the cities of Brescia and Bologno, with a population of 5.5m.BOCO and BOS, the national soccer teams of Boca and Boca Reggio respectively, are the two main clubs in Boca.

Bocarini is the smallest city in Bock.

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