Which countries are most environmentally protected?

The United States ranks fourth in the world for its environmental protection.

It ranks second for its greenhouse gas emissions.

And the country is the top polluter of the ozone layer.

But according to an analysis by the Sierra Club, the United States is also the third-worst violator of international agreements to curb climate change.

In a report released on Monday, the Sierra said the U.S. was one of only six countries that has not ratified a major international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas pollution.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) sets ambitious goals for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, and is the first global agreement to include the United Nations.

While the United State is one of the leading emitters of greenhouse gases, the country also ranks third in global emissions of other greenhouse gases.

The Sierra’s analysis also said that while the United Kingdom, France and Germany are among the world’s most polluting countries, they are not among the least green.