What is the IaO-4?

icaos environment protection agency (EPA) is responsible for the management of the European Union’s environmental protection.

The agency was set up in 2004 to monitor the impact of air pollution on the health and welfare of people living within its territory.

icaO is the EU’s primary environmental protection agency.

The agency’s work includes monitoring pollution levels, assessing the impact on public health, and regulating pollutants.

An audit of IaOs budget in 2018 revealed the agency spent around €7 billion ($8.2 billion) on its air quality monitoring work, according to IaOS website.

In a statement, IaS said the budget had been increased by €2.5 billion ($2.8 billion) and that Iaos budget had increased by over €20 billion ($22 billion) over the previous year.

The government had previously approved €10.7 billion in spending for IaoS air pollution monitoring activities in 2018, but IaSo has now requested that the total number of monitoring flights for 2019 be increased to €22.5 million ($24.8 million), according to the agency.

The IaSO said it would also be increasing its monitoring work for other pollutants, including CO2 and methane, in 2019.

ICAO has been criticized by environmentalists and politicians for its handling of air quality and environmental protection issues, including its decision to deny a permit to the controversial German giant Siemens for the construction of a new coal-fired power station in Sweden.

Siemens has been granted permission to build a coal-powered power plant in Sweden despite a warning from Swedish authorities that it poses a risk to air quality, according the Stockholm District Court.