How to save your precious birding dollars in Singapore

How much does your birding budget cost in Singapore?

The country has a reputation as a birding hotspot, with a number of beautiful and unique wildlife spots.

But there are many things to consider when making the right birding trip.

Here are five things you need to know about the cost of birding in Singapore.


Birding fees vary from place to place The average cost for a bird watching trip in Singapore is around S$1,500.

Birders can also choose to spend S$100 per night at an inn or hostel to save money, but it’s unlikely that this will be enough to keep them from spending money on things like luxury accommodation.


It’s best to book a full-time birding adventure before you book a single overnight stay Birders can choose from two options when booking a bird-watching adventure in Singapore: 1.

They can choose to stay in a hotel booked up by their hostel 2.

They’ll get to stay at the Bird House, an outdoor park which houses an impressive collection of birds.


Some of the best birding spots in Singapore are in the middle of town Birders should also take into consideration whether or not they can enjoy the city’s historic sites in the evening.


Birders also have a right to privacy Birders will be able to access their own privacy if they stay in their own rooms and have an open door policy.


The best bird-spotting sites in Singapore have a reputation for being very well-kept and well-managed.

If you’re planning to bird in Singapore, check out these tips.

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