Environmental Protection Authority of India: A new environmental protection body

The Environment Protection Authority (EPAI) is a newly created body with the mandate to deal with environmental issues and protect the environment.

Its composition is set out in the constitution.

Its composition, however, is a big challenge for the state government.

A new constitution, approved by the Centre, lays down a structure for the EPAI to function.

The new constitution mandates that the EPM will have a chief secretary, five members from each of the departments and four representatives from each department.

The chief secretary will be the secretary to the prime minister.

In addition, the EPU will have the power to set priorities for the implementation of the constitution, which the state Cabinet approved on December 3.

The EPU’s composition is as follows:Three members from the ministries of environment, forests and parks, water resources and environment, fisheries, power and coal, mines and petroleum.

One from the departments of environment and forests, environment and energy, water and power, fisheries and petroleum, forest and environment.

Two from the Departments of mines and environment and water, Mines and Petroleum, Coal and Petroleum.

Two members from departments of mines, environment, petroleum, water, forests, water resource and environment (water resource and environmental) and three members from department of mines.

The first three members of the EPEI are all former state government ministers, including former chief secretary and former secretary to prime minister Arun Jaitley.

There are six former ministers of state and seven former ministers from different departments.

The EPEII, meanwhile, has a total of two members, former minister of environment Arvind Datar and former minister from department mines and environmental Saurabh Jain.

The new EPE has five members.

Two members from all departments of EPU are former ministers and two from departments in each of departments.

Two from each ministry of EPE is also a member.

A senior member from each EPE department is also nominated as a member of the new EPU.

The other two members from EPU departments are two from department-level ministries of mines (mines and petroleum), two from water resources (wastewater and drinking water) and two members of departments of coal and petroleum (coal and petroleum).

The state government has not yet announced its composition for the new body.

The Constitution of India sets out the composition of the Environment Protection Board of India, the Environment Ministry, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Parks and the Environment, Mines, Petroleum and Water Resources, the Coal and Petrochemical Industries Ministry, Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry for the Environment.