What we know about environmental protections and pollution from the Arctic, the Amazon and the Arctic Ocean

By Emily Maitland | 10:34 a.m.

November 15, 2018 | 09:28 a.t.m.-09:37 a.s.m., Canada time| The Arctic, a region where ice-cap melts every winter and where humans, cars and factories are constantly polluting, is being treated as if it were a kind of hellscape, a recent report said.

In its first draft, the United Nations Environment Program called the region an “environmental catastrophe” that is the result of climate change.

But the report’s final version has the word “catastrophe” removed from the title, and it was changed to “ecological disaster” for the first time, the Globe and Mail has learned.

The change is a reference to a World Bank report released last year that called the Arctic an “extreme environmental hazard.”

In the report, the Arctic’s extreme weather events, which can last months, were caused by climate change and have “largely disappeared.”

“Climate change is not the only cause of extreme weather, but it is the most significant,” the report said, citing research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and others.

A few years ago, the Canadian government launched a new environmental protection agency to oversee the Arctic and protect its environment.

The country’s environment minister, Marc Garneau, told The Globe and News that the government is committed to developing an environment plan that reflects its climate change plan and climate change adaptation plan.

The new agency will be responsible for overseeing the country’s Arctic and coastal areas, Garneau said.

Garneau has said he will make decisions on the Arctic as soon as he takes office.

In the wake of the report from the U.N. program, the government and the United States have launched an investigation into the Arctic.

The Arctic has been a top target of climate activists in the U: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last year designated the Arctic a “threatened” region.

A U.K.-based NGO, the International Council on Clean Energy, released a report in January that said the Arctic could become a “catalyst” for climate change if the ice-covered region continues to melt.

The report comes amid renewed interest in the Arctic by the Canadian and U.W.: The United Nations Environmental Program released its first environmental assessment of the region in September, which said that the region is in “disaster” and is being “damaged by pollution and pollution-related risks.”

In November, the U,W.

announced that it had created a task force to look into the impact of climate and pollution on the region.

“In the coming years, climate change will threaten all of our landscapes, cities and communities in a manner that will impact the entire planet,” the U.,W.

said in a statement.

“We cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels to meet our energy needs.

We must transition away from coal, nuclear and oil and into renewable energies.”

The Arctic is one of the largest natural carbon reserves in the world, with a surface area of around 13 million square kilometres, or 9.3 million square miles.

The region has been heavily affected by climate disruption caused by the melting of permafrost, the frozen soil beneath the land surface, which releases CO2 when it thaws.

“The Arctic is the largest carbon sink on Earth, and the melting is putting a lot of carbon back into the atmosphere,” the Canadian environment minister said last year.

Garotte said in an interview with The Globe last month that he had no immediate plans to change the Arctic climate plan.

“If the Arctic were to be a disaster, we would have no need for the Arctic plan,” he said.

“But it is an area that is changing, and we are making progress.”

Garneau also said he was committed to working with other countries to address the Arctic threat, including Canada and other nations in the European Union.

In an interview in February, Garotte also said Canada would soon begin to implement a carbon tax.

“That is one thing we are going to start to do,” Garneau told the CBC’s Power & Politics.

“It is not something that we have decided yet, but we are working with the EU, and so we will be talking with the European Commission and other countries, in addition to the U to make sure we get the right approach to the climate problem.”

The U.,U.W. and Canadian governments are also discussing a deal on how to address CO2 emissions in the region, and some countries are proposing that Canada and the EU work together on the issue.

Canada has promised to implement measures to combat climate change as part of a deal with the U of W. and the European bloc, but Garneau is pushing for a carbon market that would set a cap on emissions.

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