The environmental protection technology company that can build a future that doesn’t exist

The environmental protections technology company called Nys is going public.

Nys, which has raised $50 million in funding, will offer a platform for investors to invest in its green energy, environmental, and social responsibility businesses.

The startup is currently seeking investors.

It also announced plans to open an office in New York City to expand its global presence.

NYS’ first investor is the tech incubator incubator New Venture Capital, founded by Bill Gurley Brown, who has invested in other companies including Google, Airbnb, and Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Gurley has also founded a company called the Digital Currency Group, which invests in bitcoin startups.

The company’s platform for institutional investors includes a “smart portfolio” that helps investors diversify their portfolios and track their performance.

The platform has been used by institutional investors, including The Vanguard Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs.

Investors will be able to purchase Nys shares through a mobile app or a platform.

Nies founders are hoping to raise $5 million in capital by the end of the year.

Nymus is an environmental protection and sustainability technology company founded in 2016.

It has invested more than $60 million in green technologies, including the creation of Nys’ carbon capture technology and the Nys Energy and Environment platform, according to the company’s website.