How to use Google Earth to measure a forest loss

When you’ve been digging in the forest for years, it’s hard to think of something new that can’t be done with a little bit of time and a bit of work.

But sometimes, it can be really simple to take an aerial photograph.

And when it’s easy, we’re talking about just a few metres away, right?

Well, that’s exactly what we did.

After all, aerial photography can only tell us so much.

And this is what we’ve done, with the help of Google Earth.

To see how Google Earth works, click here.

It’s a tool that shows you what’s going on around you, right in the field.

This is the sort of thing that can help you identify if you’re in a tree and if you should be cutting down the forest to clear land for crops.

But Google Earth isn’t just a tool for people to record their environment, it also offers us a whole range of other valuable data.

Here are some of the data that Google Earth can offer.

So, let’s start with what you need to know before we start.

In a forest, it may be easy to see if the trees are in good condition, but it’s not always easy to tell if they’re standing.

To find out if trees are standing, Google Earth needs to be able to show you the ground.

That’s where you need a high resolution camera, such as a Canon EOS-1D Mark III or Canon EFS-1C Digital Camera.

Here’s what Google Earth looks like when you take a photo with Google Earth on top of the tree.

It’ll tell you that the tree is standing, but that you can’t see it directly.

You can’t zoom in.

You have to use the zoom slider on your camera.

Here you can zoom in, but this isn’t quite the same as taking a picture with Google.

As you zoom in a bit, Google will reveal what’s underneath the tree, which can reveal the forest’s canopy.

And as you zoom out, you’ll see that the ground is being pulled up.

You don’t want to zoom in too far, because this could distort the view.

So if you want to make a better estimate of whether the trees stand, you need something more detailed, such a radar-based radar.

The image above is taken with the EOS 1D Mark 3 camera.

It’s not as good as a full-resolution image from Google Earth, but if you zoom into it and turn on the zoom function, you can see a very detailed view of the forest.

Here it is with the radar camera turned on.

It shows you exactly what the ground looks like, and it’s really important to understand how this data is gathered.

The radar image is what Google uses to calculate the distance between you and the tree when you’re taking a photo.

You can see how the ground in the photo changes with each photo.

As the photo goes from bright, green, and sunny to dark, green and cloudy, it moves towards the radar image.

But what happens when you turn the radar on and off?

If you zoom too far out, the ground becomes darker.

This makes it harder to see, and even harder to get a good look at.

And if you don’t turn it on, you won’t get any of the radar images.

So what you’ll end up with is a map of what’s happening around you.

It can help identify where you’ve just been.

This image shows you how a radar image from the Eos 1D shows the ground changes when you zoom, turn off, and turn the camera on.

You’ll notice that the darker the ground, the closer the tree to you.

And here’s what the radar looks like with the camera turned off.

You might be thinking, well, that radar is going to tell me if the tree’s standing or not.

But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

When you zoom-in, you will see that Google’s radar can also show you what is under the tree that you didn’t see before.

So you can also see the tree canopy, and you can get a better idea of the ground underneath the trees.

And even better, you don,t need to turn the cam on to get that information.

If you zoom away enough, the radar will give you a clearer picture of the land, and the ground beneath the trees, as well.

So how does Google Earth work?

As Google Earth is built using open-source software, it has a lot of options.

But one of the most important is the Google Earth Camera.

If you’re looking at a map, you might want to use this to locate a particular area, or if you know what you want, you could even use the camera to do a Google Earth tour of your surroundings.

As you zoom through Google Earth’s map, the camera shows you where you should start.

If your goal is to

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