A new law for protecting endangered species will be passed in Brazil

A new bill in Brazil that will require companies to protect the habitat of endangered species before they can be sold to private buyers has been passed.

The law, dubbed the Species Survival Act, or SSA, is expected to be signed into law in the coming weeks.

The SSA was originally introduced in December 2016 as part of a national conservation strategy.

It was passed by the Brazilian Senate on Monday, and will now be brought to the national congress, where the bill will be voted on by lawmakers.

It requires companies to register any animals or birds they plan to sell to private companies before they will be sold, but not before their habitat is protected.

The bill is expected take effect in March 2021.

The species of birds affected by the bill include the critically endangered Rio Negroe, a critically endangered red-billed woodpecker, the Brazilian black-cockatoos, the black-backed vole and the northern spotted cuckoo.

The Species Survival Law also requires that if a company sells an endangered species to a private buyer, it must provide detailed information about the animal and its habitat.

It also requires a company to make a “statement of conservation responsibility” and “documentation of the conservation of the species”.

The bill will also require companies that want to sell animals from endangered species in Brazil to register with the government.

The legislation also bans foreign and domestic corporations from selling endangered species, unless they are registered with the country’s National Animal Protection Agency.

It has been approved by President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet, with the president’s approval, and is expected before Brazil’s congress in March.

The President also signed the law on Monday.

The new law comes just months after a court in Brazil found the Brazilian government violated the animals’ protection by selling a Brazilian golden eagle to an American company.

In that case, the bird was purchased from the Brazilian Republic for $2.7 million in 2014.

The case is still being appealed.

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