‘Actors Will Need to Embrace Diversity’ to Promote Diversity

by James D. Rogers, Staff Writer, Hollywood Reporter The new Hollywood diversity initiative, dubbed The Diversity Program, has the Hollywood Reporter applauding its inclusion of an “aesthetics and authenticity” component, saying it “seeks to elevate the importance of diversity.”

The initiative is an extension of the Diversity Alliance initiative, which has been at the forefront of Hollywood for years.

The new Diversity Program aims to “empower actors, producers, directors, and creatives to create the best films and television series and to create an inclusive, inclusive community for everyone,” THR reports.

The initiative includes a diversity and inclusion plan, and THR also reports that it’s aimed at promoting a diverse and inclusive Hollywood ecosystem, in part by offering mentorship and opportunities for mentorship.

The Diversity Alliance is an initiative to provide resources and resources to studios and other partners who work on diversity and diversity-related projects.

The organization recently launched an initiative aimed at helping to advance diversity and cultural competency in the entertainment industry, including through mentoring and mentoring grants.

THR reports that the diversity initiative will have an impact on the way studios and partners approach diversity in their creative industries.

“This initiative is aimed at inspiring and encouraging artists, producers and directors to embrace diversity, which will be an important and positive factor in the future of diversity in the film and television industry,” says the Diversity Program’s statement.

“The goal of this initiative is to empower artists, produce talent and support diversity in Hollywood, as well as to foster an environment in which artists and creators are valued, respected, and accepted as people in their respective fields of expertise.”

The Diversity Initiative was launched last month in conjunction with The Hollywood Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing diversity in film and TV, THR reports, and was organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

THR adds that the Diversity Initiative will have a significant impact on how Hollywood approaches diversity.

“I think it is a very positive and exciting initiative, as it is part of the overall agenda to support the diversity of the entertainment community,” THR says.

“It is a testament to how quickly the industry has evolved since the original Diversity Alliance.

Now, studios are taking it on and it is becoming more and more important to support diversity.”

THR reports the initiative will be presented to the membership of the Hollywood Board of Governors this week.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the Academy and other actors and producers to further celebrate the work of women and underrepresented groups across the industry, and to provide support and resources for aspiring and veteran talent in their journey to achieve success in Hollywood,” said Tom Staggs, president of The Hollywood Alliance, in a statement.

The diversity initiative also follows an announcement last month by Sony Pictures Entertainment that it was opening a diversity office, and will expand that office to include people of color.

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