Which environmental laws do you support and which do you oppose?

A poll of more than 8,000 voters conducted for The Hill shows that more than three-quarters of Republicans support the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations to limit pollution from power plants.

But that sentiment falls short of support for a broader suite of environmental legislation, which includes a ban on the dumping of toxic substances into rivers and lakes, as well as more protections for the Great Lakes.

Trump’s proposed EPA budget would also eliminate federal funds for the EPA’s environmental monitoring program, which has been a key part of efforts to address the nation’s air and water pollution.

Trump also has called for the removal of the Clean Water Act, which he said was being “muzzled” by President Obama.

The Clean Water Acts of 1857 and 1906 require the EPA to regulate pollutants in streams and lakes that are harmful to aquatic life.

The EPA is currently reviewing about half of the more than 1,600 pages of proposed regulations.

It has been widely criticized for not doing enough to address air pollution.