What are the environmental problems in Scotland’s lakes?

Scotland has the highest concentration of lakes on Earth and there are some problems with the water quality and water quality monitoring of some of them.

The BBC’s Environment Editor, Jane Robinson, looks at some of the environmental concerns facing Scotland.

1:33 Environment and water conservation issues The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is responsible for managing Scotland’s waterways.

The Scottish Government has an obligation to ensure that the environment is protected.

That means that the Scottish Government must protect Scotland’s water and the environment from the risks of pollution, such as pollution from coal-fired power plants and the burning of fossil fuels.

These risks are not just limited to the impact on water quality.

They also affect the water supply of towns and villages.

In particular, the amount of coal in Scotland is highly polluting.

Coal is not only used to make steel but also to make cement, the building materials used to build houses.

The impact on rivers and lakes is also very significant.

It means that there is a great deal of sediment and sediment that goes into the water.

These are the problems that are currently facing Scotland’s rivers.

A major problem is the level of coal emissions that have been released into the atmosphere by the burning in Scotland.

The coal that is burnt produces greenhouse gases.

One of these greenhouse gases is methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Another is nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide can be released into rivers from power stations that are not designed to store nitrous.

Nitrates and other chemicals are also released into Scottish rivers.

Nitrate emissions in Scotland are a huge problem.

Nitrogen oxides are also a problem.

The National Environmental Research Council (NERC) found that there was an overall increase in nitrogen oxides in the air, water and soil in Scotland between 2008 and 2013.

The total number of nitrates in Scotland increased by almost 300 per cent from 2007 to 2013.

Nitrification in rivers and other bodies of water can cause water quality problems.

This can lead to poor water quality in some areas of Scotland.

There is also an increase in nitrates and nitrite in the soil.

These can be harmful to plants and animals and contribute to acid rain.

Another problem is phosphorus, which is the main element in phosphorus-containing fertiliser used in many agricultural systems.

The use of fertilisers that are also used in agriculture is one of the main sources of phosphorus in Scotland and the UK.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs estimates that about 40 per cent of all food produced in Scotland comes from fertiliser that is produced on agriculture and the agricultural sector.

There are some other problems with water quality issues.

Water quality in Scotland has not been well managed for many years.

There have been some very serious issues with water treatment in the past, particularly in the last 20 years.

The main source of nitrogen is from the burning and burning of coal.

This has contributed to the increased concentration of nitrate in the atmosphere.

It has also led to a very large increase in the amount and intensity of phosphorus pollution in the water we use.

A problem that is now becoming more apparent is that in the summer, some of our lakes are not suitable for swimming, particularly for young children.

There has been an increase over the last 10 years in the use of chlorinated and chlorogenic (CO2-based) water disinfection for fish.

These disinfectants are more effective than chlorine in disinfecting fish but they have a very long shelf life.

Another issue is the pollution of lakes with industrial pollutants such as lead and cadmium.

Cadmium and lead are heavy metals.

They can cause breathing problems, kidney damage and death in children.

Some of these pollutants are also harmful to human health.

Other problems that need to be addressed are the amount, quality and extent of the fish in the rivers, lakes and streams.

There may be problems with how the fish are being treated and where they are being caught.

Other issues are the way in which the water is treated, especially the way that it is treated in industrial processes.

These include fish farms and water treatment facilities.

Some industries are particularly vulnerable to pollution from pollution.

It is not just fish farming that has a lot of the problems in terms of the way it is done and the level and type of pollution that is coming into the system.

The water in the Scottish and Scottish-run water systems, for example, is treated at very high levels of sulphur.

It can cause acid rain and cause erosion.

It also increases the levels of lead and mercury in the environment.

It increases the risks that are posed by the introduction of pesticides in the watershed.

This is one area where we are in a bit of a bind.

There really is no single solution to all of these issues.

We need to work together and have a more effective way of managing these issues to improve our environment.

There was a huge increase in emissions from Scotland’s coal-burning power stations between 2008-2013, with emissions

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