Albania, Indonesia to sign agreement on marine environment protection

Algiers, September 10 (RIA Novosti) – Albania, Jakarta, and Jakarta, Indonesia are set to sign an agreement on the protection of marine environment in a bid to stem the increase of the number of marine pollution cases in the country.

The agreement, signed on Thursday by the Albanian President’s Office and the Indonesian Environment Minister, has been submitted to the Presidency of the Republic of Albania for approval.

According to, the agreement aims to protect the natural resources and the livelihoods of the Albanians by establishing an effective legal framework for environmental protection in the region.

It will also support a strong and stable economic model for the country and also improve its economic prospects.

The aim of the agreement is to strengthen environmental protection through measures, including prevention, control, management and mitigation, which will contribute to the reduction of pollution in the environment and its contribution to the sustainable development of the country, the Presidency’s statement said.

The Agreement will help to establish a new mechanism for cooperation between the governments of Albania and Indonesia on environmental protection and marine environment, the statement said, adding that it will also include measures to strengthen international cooperation in this field.