5 things to know about a possible global warming bill

There’s growing concern that the global warming debate is slipping from public view, as lawmakers seek to enact legislation to slow global warming.

The issue has been under scrutiny for years, but the public is not aware that the debate has shifted from an issue of climate change to an issue involving the environment, according to environmental groups.

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering the bill, which has received the support of Republican senators and a growing number of Democrats.

They have said the legislation would limit greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change by limiting carbon emissions.

The bill is the first step toward the administration’s Clean Power Plan, a nationwide program to cut carbon emissions that the administration announced last month.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is expected to vote on the bill on Wednesday.

The full Senate could vote on it as early as next week, according with the Associated Press.

The measure has bipartisan support.

It is expected that the bill will pass the House.

The bill would be the first major piece of legislation to curb global warming, which some environmental groups are concerned is being politicized.

The administration is pushing the Clean Power plan to meet its goal of cutting greenhouse gas pollution.

The EPA has been slow to enact the Clean Air Act, the law that regulates air pollution.

The agency’s new regulations will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, mercury and nitrogen oxide from power plants, as well as methane from the oil and gas industry, which would increase the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Environmental groups are also pushing for more stringent regulations for methane leaks in the oil fields.

The government estimates that as many as 15 percent of the methane that is released from drilling and processing operations comes from leaking oil and natural gas wells, according Reuters.

The environmental groups say the bill is being rushed through Congress because lawmakers are not interested in seeing the plan implemented.

The administration said that the EPA has the power to set the Clean Energy Plan, the plan that would regulate greenhouse gas and mercury emissions.

Under the Clean Environment and Clean Labor standards, the EPA would have the authority to set emission standards, and to enforce those rules, according the EPA.

The EPA is currently evaluating more than 1,000 proposed regulations.

The Clean Energy Standards are also under review.

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